[ENG] NTS scenario - Across the river

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[ENG] NTS scenario - Across the river

Post by ajmendoza » Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:53 am

These battle scenarios are part of a series of not tested scenarios (NTS) which we want to share with the community in order to test new options and game modes. Let us a comment here with any critic/suggestion that you have. I hope you like it!
ACROSS THE RIVER Two rival armies have been skirmishing all front wide. The invader army know as well as the defender that crossing that river will allow it to settle within that province.

The river can only be crossed by foot through a great bridge or two smaller stone passes. Taking those position is mandatory. No doubt the river will tint in red when the day is over.

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The attacker must take the bridge and cross the river with most of the army. The defender must prevent that happen.

Required scenery
The numbered scenery elements indicated in the image is required. Adapt its position to your table size, which should be divided in 4x4 quadrants.

The river is impassable except by the bridge or those two passes. Those passes are considered difficult terrain.

The defender player is waiting for the opponent so it can deploy up to 2 Taketabe (5 cm width parapets) with no extra cost. These Taketabe must be deployed before any other troop further than 15 cm of the bridge or river passes.

When those parapets are deployed, the defender player deploy its whole army and then the attacker must deploy.

Special rules

Attacker ambush: The attacker army has sent one troop to cross the river through a further pass in order to ambush the enemy by the flank. That player may decide not to deploy one of its multiple miniature unit during the deployment phase. From the third turn on the attacker may try this troop get the battle and come into the table by one of the indicated borders (reinforcement areas). To do that, the player, during the Maintenance phase, must roll 1D6 and add the turn value (3 in the third turn, 4 in the forth…). If the final result is 6+, the unit can be placed next to one of those table borders. That unit can be activated normally during the turn.

Taking the bridge: A player will take the bridge if it has more army points over it than the enemy and there is no any hand to hand combat on it.

Swimming: Any infantry trop with no armour can try to cross the river by swimming. Any miniature swimming is considered behind cover to enemy shoots. If this troop got a 4+ in its Order roll can move like over difficult terrain, otherwise any movement will be reduced by two rounded up.

Wild river: If any multiple miniature unit's miniature is completely within the river during the Maintenance Phase, that unit must roll 1D6. If it rolls 1, that unit suffer an extra wound. Army leaders ignores this special rule.

Combats in the river: Troops are considered behind cover during a hand to hand combat on the river, swimming or crossing the passes (apply -1 to the Combat roll because the difficult to fight in the water).

Tired troops: Both armies has been combating for a long term and their troops are exhaust. Both armies applies -1 to their Honour Roll. The army that controls the bridge ignores this penalty. The attacker also ignores this penalty if any of its troops has crossed the bridge and the defender does not control de bridge.


Main mission
  • 2 points for the player that takes control of the bridge at the end of the battle.
  • 1 point to the attacker for any attacker's 3 miniatures or more unit that has passed the river at the end of the battle.
  • 1 point to the defender for any enemy troop (unit or individual miniature) completely destroyed or in retreat at the end of the battle.
  • 1 point to the first player that declares a Honor Duel over the bridge.
Secondary mission: Cutting the enemy's command
  • 1 point if you eliminates the enemy's army general.

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Re: [ENG] NTS scenario - Across the river

Post by ajmendoza » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:17 am

I have added the special rule Wild river. It was suggested by a memeber of the community (you like death so much.. xD)

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