[BOTH] Video Tutorial

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[BOTH] Video Tutorial

Post by ajmendoza » Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:41 am

A week ago the Spanish community were having a chat through telegram (you know there is an English telegram channel as well) and we decided to improvised this video tutorial. It took at the end 1 hour but most of the mechanic of the games are explained there. I have added some English subtitles, sorry for any grammar mistake, just leave a comment here or in the video and I will fix it :).

Hope this is useful for you


Hace una semana nos encontrabamos hablando la comunidad de Kensei y Torii en telegram y decidimos improvisar un video tutorial que al final se alargó una hora. Explico ahí la mayoría de las mecánicas del juego, así que espero que sea útil para todos vosotros.


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