[ENG] Miniatures missing in the shop?

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[ENG] Miniatures missing in the shop?

Post by Cara » Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:13 pm

Hey folks!

While thinking about what to get next/what units to include in a bigger army, I noticed that not all Units in the Army lists seem to have corresponding models in the Zenit Online Shop.
For example:
Buke - Heavy Cavalry O Ban
Buke - Ayaigasa kyudo
Otokodate - Daimyo
The different Shinobi/Kunoichi Units
All Hata-Jurushi (appart from some being a part of Clan Army Boxes)
The Taiko Drums...

Are those Models going to be released at some point? I think I've seen pictures of some of those, but maybe they got them from other games or modified them themselves?


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Re: [ENG] Miniatures missing in the shop?

Post by ajmendoza » Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:04 pm


yes, there are some profiles that are not in the shop yet but will be pretty soon. Some people have those miniatures from kickstarter early release (i.e.: The buke O-ban cavalry is done and some people could have it during the last ks, it will be release before new year).

Anyway feel free to use any proxy or miniature of any other house meanwhile. We are really happy of people playing the game, we are not going to get angry of seeing a no-kensei miniature. I have many and I love it too indeed.


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