[ENG] Kaga Ikki

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[ENG] Kaga Ikki

Post by Bawon Samdi » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:18 pm

An idea of background mixing real events and fantasy. I've started with the real Kaga Ikki and then added some fictional elements to introduce the wako.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaga_ikki

In the Kaga province, the Ikko-Ikki has successfully overthown the local Buke shugo (governor) and seized power. Lead by zealous soheis and lower ranks samurais, a population of peasants and fishermen are dertermined to control their own destinies far from the wars between Kuge and Buke. The so-called "Peasants' Kingdom" is set in a small area between montains and the sea.
Known to few people, local fishermen towns also activelly support several wako crews, sheltering their ships through the maze of local tiny islands in exchange for protection and stollen goods. Actually, depending of the period of the year, several fishermen double down as part-time pirates. These bands, while non-officially recognized by le local Ikko-Ikki leadership, are welcome as they can provide better trained fighters, defend the coast and harass Otokodate's commercial lines with the hated Namban. Most seasoned wako leaders certainly appreciate to sail more openly and some of them may even be attracted by the idea of a Peasants' Kingdom, lead by free men.

On the other hand, the Otokodate may become more and more annoyed by the growing number of pirate's attacks on their ships and plans for retaliation ...

To be honest, i was looking for a way to field together my sohei minis with the wako minis from the current KS. My other army is Otokodate and, apparently, will have rules to field namban troops so i thought it would be fair to follow the same guidelines (up to 1 hero+1 unit from the allied list). I obviously took some liberties as an alliance between Sohei and Wako is not covered by the rules so let me know if you see some balance issues.

Sohei 300 army list
Hero yari + hata jurushi + 8 monks
Ikame-bo + 10 peasants
Katai leader + 8 yari ashigaru + hata jurushi
4 pirates with teppo
5 samourais + hata jurushi

I actually intend to use goto with yari miniatures as proxies for the yari ashigaru. Their look fit better to the concept of a peasant revolution rather than a regular military unit.

Sohei 400 army list
Hero yari + hata jurushi + 8 monks
Ikame-bo + 10 peasants
Hero sohei with katana + 5 samourais + hata jurushi
Rida Teppo + 5 pirates with teppo
9 yari ashigaru + hata jurushi
5 yumi ashigaru

So, what do you think of a sohei / wako alliance ?

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Re: [ENG] Kaga Ikki

Post by ajmendoza » Wed May 02, 2018 12:30 pm

This is a fantastic idea and I am going to join you creating "historical" army list.

BUTTTTTT, wait until tomorrow, because you will have a full Hymukai map, with its provinces and some new history. I am going to release it this evening. I think you will like it.

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