[ENG] PLEASE - Support the Torii Game!!

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[ENG] PLEASE - Support the Torii Game!!

Post by Ser_Waldkauz » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:02 pm

Hey Folks. I am writing here,because a few Things for "Torii the Game" would be very cool:

1. Mission Cards for Torii: at the moment, there are only 6 Missions downloadable. But in the Rulebook are 12 Missions, so please make Cards for the other 6 Missions

2. Quick Reference Sheet for Torii: You have one for Kensei, so please make one for Torii. It is very annoying to have to search in the Rulebook all the Times

3. Torii - PLEASE support your Game!! The Missioncards, the Sheets,FAQs, the PDFs for Clans and Units - All these Things are not there, are not with the actual Rules or are not complete. Also, in the english Rulebook, there are again many Mistakes in Orthography or just spanish Words instead of english ones. For a Softcover-Book in A5 for 20 EUR, that is really not cool!!

I have bought the Book and the Miniatures, but i really feel like nobody cares about the System. That is a shame, because i really like the game and your minitures, but at the moment...it is not really fun at all.... :cry:

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Re: [ENG] PLEASE - Support the Torii Game!!

Post by ajmendoza » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:29 pm


I already answered you by facebook but I repeat it here in order to not make this unanswered.
As far as I know the Torii team (you know Torii and Kensei are two separates teams) is working to develop new stuff and fixing any problem that may exist. I am sure there will be news soon!

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