[BOTH] Comic

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[BOTH] Comic

Post by ajmendoza » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:02 am

As long as the novel topic is doing well I guess another focused in comics could be interesting.
My first suggestion is Kogaratsu. Maybe it is a bit simple but it is super nicely illustrated, it is big and it brings a lot of inspiration. It seems it is quite difficult to find in paper in english, but there are a lot of online options.

A review here


Como el hilo de novelas ha funcionado muy bien, en vez de meter el comic que iba a proponer ahi dentro, he pensado crear uno exclusivos de comics.

Aquí una reseña


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Re: [BOTH] Comic

Post by DavidCE » Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:49 pm

Buen cómic ese, lo leí hace tiempo. Debería releerlo.

A ver si me da tiempo y pongo mis cómics por aquí!
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