[BOTH] Samurai Army Ranks

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[BOTH] Samurai Army Ranks

Post by ajmendoza » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:48 pm

A interesting information to be played in your campaigns
More info here - source - http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewto ... t=23584669

Class Ranking

Seldom heard or seen, the Emperor resides in the Imperail Palace in the province of Yamashiro.

Imperial Court Members
These Court Members serve as advisors to the Shogunate and enact the will of the Emperor.

Though the shogunate is weakened, their power is still recognized by Daimyo all over the land, though there are those who wish to undermine it.

Nobility who gained Lordship over a province, and control over an army.

The Commander in Chief of the Daimyo's military, a position most commonly filled by the Daimyo himself.

Plainly put, they are place holders for Provinces in which their Daimyo is not present who oversee the Castle and province. They also work underneath the Daimyo as Military Officers.

Military Officers

These ranked officials are the Generals of the Daimyo's military, taking control of units of troops called kumi. Depending on their troops, they were either referred to as Samurai-taisho or Ashigaru-taisho. They were often in control of more than one kumi (-gumi when used as a suffix).

These officers controlled a kumi of troops, and were called samurai-kumigashira or ashigaru-kumigashira depending on the make up of their kumi. The ashigaru-kumigashira are generally in charge of specialist units: 'yarigumi' (spearmen), 'yumigumi' (archers), 'teppogumi' (gunners), and rarely 'kakomigumi' (siege weapons). Thus, they are sometimes called 'yari-kumigashira', 'yumi-kumigashira', 'teppo-kumigashira' or 'kakomi-kumigashira'.
The samurai-kumigashira lead either 'kiba mushagumi' (mount samurai) or 'kachigumi' (foot samurai) units, both of which tend to be smaller than the ashigaru units.

Lower ranking officers that serve under and assist the ashigaru-kumigashira. Depending on its size, a kumi may have several kogashira. Each has direct command over a smaller squad of individual ashigaru within the unit. The yarigumi generally outnumber the other types of kumi, and so 'yari-kogashira' usually lead larger squads.


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Re: [BOTH] Samurai Army Ranks

Post by Bawon Samdi » Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:51 pm

Than you very much.
Where do you fit the hattamoto in this hierarchy ?

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Re: [BOTH] Samurai Army Ranks

Post by ajmendoza » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:10 pm

Hattamoto is under the shogun, it is "the hand of the shogun". Technically it is not a military rank but it is well known and powerful

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