[ENG] Questions involving combat.

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[ENG] Questions involving combat.

Post by RobotTanuki » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:14 am

Mostly asking Antonio here. Since I'm having less and less time to paint an entire army (heck, I barely have time assembling an entire unit!), I want to put my miniatures to good use with Torii. However, I have read the rules and I have a couple of questions:

1) Do you need to declare "Combat order" as a Reaction to roll dice in close combat against someone attacking you? I was comparing fighting back in a normal situation versus fighting someone who just Opportunity Charged you, because it feels like in the former situation you do declare the Combat reaction to roll, but in the the other you don't...but you get to roll anyway...?
1a) If you don't need to declare "Combat order" as a reaction to roll dice against an attacker, then what use is it?

2) How does multiple combat work? For example in the diagram below:


Samurai A belong to one army, while Samurai B1 and B2 are from another.
i) If B2 declares a Combat Order (Active turn), do only B2 and A roll dice against each other?
ii) If A declares a Combat Order (Active turn), he has to roll against either of the B Samurai first, then the other one, correct?

3) While making an Opportunity Shot, can the miniature declare to shoot a moving miniature in the middle of his movement? For example, a Yumi Ashigaru is not activated and a Samurai happens to move from behind one building to another building. The Yumi Ashigaru could see the Samurai only while he was moving, but not at the beginning and at the end of the move. Could the Yumi Ashigau use Opportunity Shot? The existence of this Order seem to indicate yes, but I want to make sure that is the intended use.

4) For shot modifiers (page 27) "-1D6 shooting long or short-range weapons at mid-range" Isn't the range the maximum distance the weapon could be used? How could short-ranged weapon be used to shoot at mid-range?

5) Continuing from above, "-1D6 shooting mid-range weapons". Using mid-range weapons have an automatic penalty, but using long-range weapons don't?

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Re: [ENG] Questions involving combat.

Post by Bawon Samdi » Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:20 pm

Seems that the team have moved away to facebook and don't use the forum.
Nonetheless, i will give you my 2 cents. :)

1/ Yes. And you can do it even if the miniature has already been activated.

i) yes.
ii) yes. The active player choose which miniature (B1 or B2) he wants to fight first, combat is resolved and then the second combat is resolved.

3/ I don't know if it's still the cade but with the v1 ruleset you can't:
"This Target can only be selected
before or after its movement, not
during the move itself."

4/ 5/
i have the same problem, the whole paragraph doen't make sense but i'm used to play with 1st edition that was clearer about the use of ranged weapons. I think it's an error in the english book as the firing modifier are far better explained in the kenseï book, torii v1 and the spanish version of torii v2. So, it sould be:

"•+1D6 when shooting short-range weapons
•-1D6 when shooting mid-range weapons, at medium distance.
•-1D6 when shooting longrange weapons in a short or long distance."

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Re: [ENG] Questions involving combat.

Post by ajmendoza » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:32 pm

Sorry guys for not answering you sooner! (thanks for helping me here). I promise to keep this forum updated. Actually, I have plans to make this forum much more active.

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